How to Guide: Adjusting Sound and Speed on the ExtremeAir

Dec 31st 1969

American Dryer eXtremeAir

The EXTREMEAIR hand dryer by American Dryer offers the perfect solution to fast dry times for fast-paced facilities such as zoos, theme parks, stadiums, parks, venues, colleges, and the less noisy solution for softer environments such as office buildings or schools with small children. How? The USA made EXTREMEAIR hand dryer comes equipped with an adjustable motor. By default, it’s a 10-15 high speed dry time, which is on the louder side like all fast hand dryers due to the high intensity of the air blast. This fast 10 second dry time is normally the preferred setting in most facilities because people love the speed and power. However, for certain settings, quieter hand dryers are required. The EXTREMEAIR can be dialed down to about 69 dB, which is quiet enough to where two people could have a conversation and hear each other without the need to shout. All you have to do is pop the cover off and adjust as desired. Quiet and high speed does not go hand in hand and adjusting the motor down does lose speed. However, if one is unsure what noise level is acceptable, the EXTREMEAIR is the only solution that covers it all right out of the box.