Differences Between Sinks and Wash Fountains

Dec 23rd 2021

Sinks and wash fountains alike are where people wash their hands, and you can usually find one or the other in any public restroom you visit. But is there a difference between the two products? If so, what is it?

Generally speaking, a sink is a basin big enough for one person to wash his or her hands at a time, while a wash fountain allows for two, three, four, or more people to wash their hands at a time. Sinks can be found in public AND private restrooms, but wash fountains are typically only found in high-traffic public areas like hospitals, airports, and schools. Public restrooms that have two or three sinks probably don't get the same amount of foot traffic as those that have two or three wash fountains; the former restroom would only allow two or three people to wash their hands at a time, whereas the latter could allow as many as twelve people to wash their hands simultaneously.

It must be said here that one is not better than the other; sinks and wash fountains alike offer the same hygienic capabilities, particularly if they use a touch-free automatic sensor for their soap dispensers as well as their faucets. The type of product that YOU need will depend on the type and size of restroom that you're trying to furnish.

Another difference worth mentioning is that you have more stylish customization options with sinks than you do with wash fountains. After all, people install sinks within their private homes, where color and aesthetics is just as important as function. Because wash fountains are installed in busy, public restrooms, there isn't as much leeway with the number of colors and surfaces that you can choose.

That isn't to say that wash fountains can't be stylish, though;, because of the increasing popularity of wash fountains, companies like Sloan and Bradley Corp have designed wash fountains with style in mind, making them as visually appealing as possible so that they blend in well with any public restroom!

At the end of the day, the biggest difference between a sink and a wash fountain is the number of people that can wash their hands at once. We hope this information is helpful to you as you begin furnishing your restroom facility!