Advanced Oxidation and Hands-Free Restroom Design

Posted by Anthony DiCicco on Mar 13th 2020

Advanced Oxidation Kills Germs in the Air

My furnace broke yesterday and the timing could not have been better. The HVAC professional sold me on an advanced oxidation technology by a company called  RGF Environmental Group, INC. We do not sell this product at ProDryers as of now. However, I wanted to pass this along to our customer base in case it helps give them peace of mind in a day where germs and disease is causing uncertain panic.

This is a very simple system and is connected at the base area of your furnace and ac. The air is then distributed throughout the entire home or building and the claims are quite reassuring. The technology was independently tested by Kansas State University, Midwest Research Institute and GC/MS Nelap Accredited Independent Lab to name a few from their brochure. The company first developed the technology over 20 years ago. This technology is proven to deactivate H1N1, Avian Influenza, Norovirus, MRSA, strep, Pseudomonas SP., Listeria Monocytogenes, E. coli, Salmonella, C-Diff, Tuberculosis, Legionella, Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Bacteria, Mold, Yeast, Chemical Compounds, Odors, Formaldehyde, Suspended Particulate Reduction-REME, and I am sure many more. The question is, can it deactivate Coronavirus (COVID-19)? While there are no studies or enough test data at this time as the virus is new, looking at the rest of the test studies, one would be led to think it is extremely possible. So for me, in my home, it was worth it to have it installed. If nothing more, it protects against a plethora of germs.

The other test boasted by the company was possibly the most reassuring piece of data I came across. A sneeze test that simulated a sneeze at 3 feet, had a 99% reduction rate. This type of system is the same type of system used in commercial settings such as hospitals and other medical facilities, food related facilities such as manufacturing plants, restaurants, military buildings, government applications, and more. So why not install these in all universities and schools? It certainly makes sense from a sanitation and hygienic point of view. All businesses could potentially make employees feel safer with this technology.

So what else can you do? At ProDryers, we specialize in touch-less restroom solutions, such as touch-less soap dispensers, touch-less faucets, automatic hand drying systems, sensor operated flush valves and more. Did you know the  Sloan EBV-500-A can quickly turn just about any manual flush valve into an automatic flushometer? It’s simple to install and costs less than $200 (at the time of this blog).

Another great idea is to switch out all manual faucets and have our Sloan touch-less faucets installed. The sinks are just about the dirtiest place in public restrooms. The handles are touched prior to washing hands and after. There is no reason with today’s technology, to use manual handles when sensor operated system can be easily installed. This is true for soap dispensers as well. Make the entire experience in a restroom as “hands-off” as possible.

Last, consider adding HEPA filtration to your hand dryers. The  XLERATOR has a HEPA option and so does the  Dyson Airblade to name a couple. The claim 99.97% of bacterial elimination, meaning the air used to dry hands is actually cleaner than the air you are breathing (unless the facility has the advanced oxidation systems installed as mentioned above). If you have purchased XLERATOR hand dryers from us in the past, ask about the  HEPA kit. It is extremely simple to install. Call 888-503-7937 for more information now.