Best Hand Dryer for Small Children | Less Intimidating

Dec 31st 1969

Best Hand Dryer for Small Children

When it comes to little kids, using a high speed hand dryer can be somewhat scary. Many high speed hand dryers are simply too loud for young ages. The eXtreme Air EXT7 by American Dryer is a great option for places like elementary schools, daycare centers, pre-schools, or other areas where majority of restroom traffic comes from young children. While it does have the capability to dry hands in just 12-15 seconds, the speed and sound level can easily be adjusted to a lower, less intimidating level. To get an idea of how easily this is done, follow the link to see the tutorial we have provided on how to adjust the sound and speed on the ExtremeAir hand dryer. Due to the possibility of a low sound level, kids will actually want to use this hand dryer. Another feature of most hand dryers that many young children could do without is the heating element. Hot air is a concern to many adults who purchase hand dryers for younger children. Although, it is not normally a danger, hand dryers with heating elements are best suited for older children or adults. For this reason, we suggest a non-heated, cool air dryer such as an XLERATOReco or an EXT version of the extreme air. Both offer adjustable noise levels.