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One of the thousands of items we carry for your restroom needs are floor cleaning machines . These are great tools to help keep your restroom clean and eliminate bacteria. The Betco floor machines aren’t just limited to restrooms either; they are perfect for hospitals, restaurants, schools, and hotels. With ProDryers and Betco you will have your floors much cleaner than before. The Genie B and the Genie CE are great options for restroom floor cleaning. Both of these machines have ergonomic and adjustable handles for ease of use. The Genie B is a battery powered scrubber while the CE is run with a 50’ safety power cord. Each machine is designed to fit anywhere a mop could go. Another great feature is the installation of the pad, everybody would fear touching a pad that has been used to clean a bathroom floor. However these Betco machines have a hands free method of removing the old pad and installing a new one. Both scrubbers operate fairly quiet so that any cleaning done in an occupied area will not cause distractions. Also available from ProDryers is the GeneSys 15 which has the availability to change cleaning tools to be used on carpet as well as upholstery. This machine is also run by a 50’ power cord and it has rear rotating casters for easy maneuverability. Depending on the consumers specific usage one of these three floor scrubbers will provide the right option. If unsure of the right option give us a call 888-50-Dryer to help make the right choice.

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Betco Genie B 14”: Betco GeneSys:
Perfect to Clean Restroom Floors Perfect to Clean Restroom Floors
Restroom Floor Scrubbers and Bathroom Floor Cleaning Machine Restroom Floor Scrubbers and Bathroom Floor Cleaning Machine