How to Clean Restroom Floors | Tile Floor Scrubbers

Dec 31st 1969

How to Clean Restroom Floors with Floor Scrubbers

One of the thousands of items we carry for your restroom needs are floor cleaning machines. These are great tools to help keep your restroom clean and eliminate bacteria. The floor machines aren’t just limited to restrooms either; they are perfect for hospitals, restaurants, schools, and hotels. With ProDryers you will have your floors much cleaner than before.

For a full range of our floor cleaning machines from major brands such as Clarke, Mercury, Sandia, and more, call our team as we work via quote only to save our customers on costs. Floor machines are often expensive. Advertising these to the public is not really why we are in business. Instead, we often work with existing customers such as schools, colleges, malls, hospitals and other facilities that prefer to purchase heavy-duty floor machines such as riders and industrial scrubbers. We do not sell these machines to the general public. Call 888-503-7937 for a quote now.