Surface Mounting a Hand Dryer

Wall Mounted Hand Dryers | Surface Mounted Hand Dryers (Installing to a Variety of Walls)

A hand dryer can be surface mounted to a variety of walls such as dry wall, tiled, brick, stone or concrete walls. The type of wall may alter the installation process slightly. Furthermore, the type of wall may create unique hurdles that can easily be overcome.

Dry Wall Installations

Installing a hand dryer to dry wall is pretty straight forward and simple. The only potential hurdle is the water that may be sprayed onto the dry wall during the process of drying hands. If the restroom takes on heavy usage or high traffic, over time, the paint on the dry wall may get stripped or worn down from constant water. The easiest solution to this is to purchase a splash guard. The XLERATOR®, ExtremeAir, Dyson Airblade and many others all come with great splash guard options. Another option is to wipe down the walls and touch-up paint as needed.

Installing onto Tiled Walls

Installing a hand dryer to a tiled wall where tile is already present can be a challenge. Good contractors will have no problem getting through tile without cracking it. Special tile drill bits can be used among many other methods. And in many cases, the tile has not been installed yet which makes the job easy. On the positive side, tiled walls provide a pretty good material for withstanding water damage. For this reason, tiled restroom walls are ideal for hand dryer installations. However, a splash guard or wall guard such as the American Dryer ADA compliant wall guard is still a good option to consider.

Installing onto Brick, Stone and Concrete Walls

Many restrooms such as outdoor restrooms at sports complexes to restrooms in zoos, city parks, state parks, or theme parks use concrete or brick walls. Many contractors and electricians call us asking if our products can be installed to brick or concrete walls and how the wiring could be done. Unlike dry wall and tiled walls, concrete or brick will require a conduit, a tube or trough for protecting electric wiring. The conduit can be fed into the dryer normally from the bottom of the dryer where most manufacturers have provided a knockout for this purpose. Mounting the hand dryer to a concrete or brick wall is easily done with the proper tools.

Wall Mounted Hand Dryers (Installation Videos for Reference)

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