Quiet Hand Dryers Noise

Explaining How Noise is Measure in Decibles with Hand Dryers

Quietness is determined by the dryer’s decibels. The decibel is widely known as a measure of sound pressure level. It categorizes the hand dryer as either quiet or loud. The average decibel for a hand dryer is around 80 but there are dryers with a larger amount and with a lower amount.

Having said the above, please understand each manufacturer normally manages the testing of hand dryers and the environment variables that ultimately determine advertised decibel levels. Many variables come into play such as how close hands are positioned to the air outlet, how large the hands are, the angle of the hands, the dimensions of the restroom, and more. Understanding that, regardless of what a manufacturer claims, all high speed hand dryers are very comparable in noise levels. If noise is a main concern, we suggest to always choose a product with an adjustable motor allowing more control over the decibel range vs. speed.

A businesses environment is usually what causes the selection of a quiet hand dryer. Office buildings, libraries, government facilities, and schools prefer a softer sound opposed to a noise causing dryer in the restroom. Every hand dryer is different so it is easy to get confused on which one is right for you to purchase in order to keep your customers and even your employees happy.

The GX series by American Dryer offers exceptional value with little noise at just 63 db. The Extreme Air Hand Dryer series, also by American Dryer feature motor control which can be turned down to as little as 69 decibels however this will slow down the dry time. Excel’s Hands Off hand dryers provide exceptionally quiet operation with maximum strength and durability. Just 10 decibels alone will make a big difference with the noise level in restrooms, the lower the decibel the lower the sound level. 

If you are looking for a high speed energy efficient hand dryer, but also want the option of adjusting the motor to quiet down the noise, the Speedflow by Saniflow is a great option.

If you are looking for a quiet high speed hand dryer, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel is the quietest high speed hand dryer on the market. The Jet Towel Hand Dryer operates around 64 decibels, which is far superior in terms of noise levels with high speed hand dryers. In fact, most traditional hand dryers are actually louder than this amazing energy efficient hand dryer.