Maintenance-Free Hand Dryers


Most hand dryers are maintenance-free with the exception of a few. For example, the products that have HEPA filters installed will need to be changed per the manufacturers suggestions. Most restrooms will not have enough foot traffic to require frequent changes of HEPA filters. In fact, in many cases, the filter may last for years, or even the life of the product. It depends on the volume of users going through the washroom and using the hand dryers.

A second example of a hand dryer not being maintenance-free would be cases where a water containment unit is designed into the product. For example, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel collects water to avoid wet floors. However, this does force some maintenance as the water must be emptied and the product itself will require some additional cleaning. There are a few air dryers on the market that collect water and do require maintenance.

Most standard wall mounted hand dryers such as the XLERATOR® are as close to maintenance-free as it gets. The brand has a 5 year warranty and a less than 1% fail rate. Being the only real American made dryer on the market, this product normally lasts well beyond the warranty at 7-10 years on average. The maintenance level is extremely light.

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