Made in USA Certified Hand Dryer

The Made in USA Certified seal ensures a product in question is made right here in the USA. Currently, the only hand dryer to hold this certification is the Excel Dryer Xlerator. Being USA made, the Xlerator is one of our most durable and best performing hand dryers. This hand dryer is the industry standard, and will last 7-10 years on average. In many cases, it will last longer. With a 5 year premium warranty, you can be sure the manufacturer will handle any rare warranty claims. Here at ProDryers, we sell many hundreds of Xlerator hand dryers per month and warranty claims are extremely rare. It dries hands fast in 10-15 seconds, and it’s perfect for stadiums, office centers, theme parks, zoos, restaurants, fast food restaurants, car dealerships, parks and so much more. Worried about noise with a high powered hand dryer? All of our Xlerator hand dryers are factory installed with the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle. Our customers love the quieter drying experience and hardly notice a difference in dry time. Since moving to the 1.1 noise reduction nozzles when they were first invented years ago, we have not had a single customer complain of noise. We can still offer the standard nozzles by request, but those requests rarely happen. There is also an optional sound and speed control kit for about $35.00. We don’t recommend it unless noise becomes an issue. Very few of our customers have needed it.

More on the Made in USA Certified program. Made in USA Certified is the Nation's leading 3rd party certification source that conducts a supply chain audit for USA - Country of Origin claims. There have been many misleading claims of USA made products on the market. The solution was to create a credible independent third party supply chain audit process where the manufacturing company’s supply chain was completely verified and then certified. If a product passes the Made in USA Certified audit process, the product is granted the seal.

The Xlerator hand dryer has passed the Made in USA Certified audit process. Below is a video explaining the 3rd party independent audit process: