Hand Dryers Vandal Resistant

Are Hand Dryers Vandal Resistant?

Most hand dryers are indeed vandal resistant. They are designed to withstand rigorous use as well as vandalism. Their tamper-proof bolts and covers are there to ensure durability. The ExtremeAir (ABS cover) by American Dyer is strong enough to have a tire of a pickup truck driven right over top of it. Most people don’t realize how durable the covers of hand dryers are. Another point of vandalism to consider in public restrooms is paper towels are often stuffed down toilets. It causes overflows and clogs that will destroy your restroom which can be easily fixed by using a hand dryer that requires no paper towel or chance of vandalism.

So yes, most hand dryers are vandal resistant, but not all. Always consult with a company that is an expert in the industry. Most importantly, when it comes to vandalism, business can toilets stuffed with paper towels. Thus, there is a solution to vandalism on multiple fronts.