Hand Dryers for Restaurants

Restaurants should all carry high speed energy efficient hand dryers. Today's technology in hand dryers offer 10 second dry times, and energy savings so low, that it may cost as little as 18 cents per 1,000 uses to dry hands. The savings of 95% vs. paper towel, the hygienic improvements in the restaurant's restroom, and the amazing technology of the energy efficient hand dryer, increase levels of customer satisfaction, bringing your customers back as repeat visitors.

Consider walking into a restaurant. The environment is nice, the staff is professional, and the food is outstanding. However, you enter the restroom in the restaurant and when you go to dry your hands the paper towel dispenser is empty and there's paper towel mess all over the floor. Now imagine the restaurant owner had high speed energy efficient hand dryers installed, and they dry your hands in just 10 seconds. You're probably going to go back to your table and tell everyone the hand dryers in that restaurant are amazing.

Imagine the word of mouth advertising a restaurant can get from energy efficient hand dryers alone. The energy efficient hand dryer also pays for itself in just a few months. Never buy paper towel again, and eliminate maintenance for restaurant personnel. The choice is clear, install energy efficient hand dryers in all restaurants and enjoy the rewards of cost savings and higher levels of customer satisfaction.