Hand Dryers for Daycare Centers

Small children are typically intimidated by loud hand dryers. They are more likely to accept a quieter dryer that doesn’t make as much noise. The GX series by American Dryer offers exceptional value, dependable, and vandal resistant with little noise at just 63 db. Just 10 decibels alone will make a big difference with the noise level in restrooms, the lower the decibel the lower the sound level. While the GX series is a good option the ExtremeAir series may also be a great choice in a daycare setting. The ExtremeAir is more efficient and the motor can be turned down so the sound level only reaches 69 db. This makes it sensible for little ones while maintaining the efficiency offered by a high speed hand dryer. Lower levels in sound will make young children in Daycare facilities feel more comfortable with using the restrooms there. Young children will also not react well to powerful high speed hand dryers. Thus we suggest sticking with the traditional hand dryer that offers a softer environment. A really good option, although on the expensive end, is the Mitsubishi Jet Towel. Keeping the Jet Towel on the lowest setting will operate at the decibel level of a normal conversation.

Saniflow also offers a wide variety of hand dryers that would be suitable for daycare centers. Just always be sure to choose something that operates in the low 60 decibel range.

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