Fastest Hand Dryer

Is The Dyson Airblade The Fastest Hand Dryer or is the Excel Dryer XLERATOR Faster?

The Dyson Airblade blows air at speeds as high as 420 mph. We are not aware of any hand dryer on this planet that has a faster motor. However, Excel Dryer's standard XLERATOR with the heating element has a manufacturer's claim of an 8 second dry time. The Dyson Airblade claim is 12 seconds. The main difference between the two is a heating element. Although Excel Dryer also makes an XLERATOReco version which rivals the Airblade's lack of heat and more energy savings design, the 8 second claim is based on the standard unit which uses heat to evaporate water quicker. Both hand dryer motors are extremely powerful. It would be helpful if all manufacturers products were tested by the same 3rd party and not independently claimed. Excel Dryer is leading the way to creating a set of standards for the industry. As of now, the debate continues.

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