Dyson Airblade Stadiums Venues


Sports Stadiums and Venues Can Benefit from the Hygienic Dyson AirBlade Hand Dryer

The Dyson Airblade is a great fit for high volume restrooms such as those in stadiums and venues. The ultimate goal of a sports team is to keep fans coming back. The Dyson Airblade delivers an experience that will generate heavy word of mouth and conversation. Besides the impressive impact on fans perception of the quality in the stadium restrooms, the Dyson Airblade delivers a hygienic hand drying solution like no other. The Dyson HEPA filter technology eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria from the air before blowing it onto the hands. That means much less spread of germs throughout the stadium or venue, all while eliminating the need for paper towel often found clogged in toilets or scattered across the restroom floor. The Airblade creates buzz with its unique design and powerful digital motor that blast air up to 420 mph, literally scraping water from both sides of the hands simultaneously. The digital motor spins at up to 92,000rpm.For sports stadiums, venues, race tracks, and sporting event facilities, we suggest the AB14 polycarbonate cover. 

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