Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer Vs. Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Which is better, the Dyson Airblade or the Mitsubishi Jet Towel? The truth is, both are extremely high quality. The main differences are in the certifications and hygienic capabilities of the Airblade. The Dyson hand dryer uses a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. The Jet Towel does have a filter, but not a HEPA filter designed to eliminate bacteria at levels of 99.9%. The Airblade is also NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and HACCP certified. The Jet Towel is fine for usage in restrooms of restaurants and food plants, however, it should not be used in kitchens or on food lines where food is handled or prepared. The Jet Towel is better at keeping water off the floor as it uses a draining mechanism. It completely keeps floors dry when cleaned and installed properly. The drain tank requires daily maintenance; a small price to pay to keep restroom floors free of water. In fact, there isn't anything on the market that keeps water off the restroom floors as well as the Jet Towel does. Both the Airblade and Jet Towel come with a 5 year parts warranty. The Dyson hand dryer also offers a 1 year on-site service warranty. The Jet Towel only comes in 120 volt and one cover, the Dyson has a variety of covers and offers 120 or 208 volt units. Both of the Dyson and Mitsubishi hand dryers use Air Knife technology, and both claim to dry hands in 12-15 seconds. However, the Jet Towel is quieter, and also offers a high or low setting. The Jet Towel is as quiet as a normal conversation and operates in the low 60 decibel range making it the quietest hand dryer on the market. The Air Blade will operate in the low 80 decibel range consistently. The Jet Towel has optional heat, while the Airbalde uses no heat with no option to turn it on. The Jet Towel uses 1060 watts on the high setting and 450 watts on the low setting. The Airblade uses between 1400 and 1600 watts depending on the voltage. Both are LEED and GreenSpec listed. The Dyson AB14 Airblade and all Airblade hand dryers using the new v4 motor will move air much faster than the Jet Towel can. In fact, nothing on the market moves air as fast as the Airblade, which is 420 MPH. Our suggestion, if you are going for pure power and speed, go with the Airblade. If you prefer to keep water off of floors and would like a quieter drying experience, choose the Jet Towel.buyhanddryersnow.gif


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