Upgrade from World Dryer A Series to the SlimDri Hand Dryer

Dec 31st 1969

Guide to Installing the Retrofit Kit for SLIMdri

Push button hand dryers are becoming a thing of the past. That being said one of the most popular push button dryers out there is the World Dryer A Series. A common, more efficient replacement for this is the SLIMdri by World Dryer. If the present A Series is surface mounted then the SLIMdri will simply line up with the previous holes. However if the dryer has the recess kit this is when you will need the Retrofit Kit. Once the A Series with a recess kit is uninstalled there will be a hole in the wall, because the SLIMdri is already ADA compliant without the need of a recess kit the Retrofit is needed to cover that hole and make it capable of being a surface mount. As always disconnect your power source before uninstalling the previous dryer. Once you pull off the face-plate and motor, there will be a wall box that you will leave in place to attach the Retrofit. The same wires will also be used to do the next installation. The first part you will have to install is the bracket, this will attach simply with four screws that are already lined up with the holes in the wall box. Next is the Retrofit wall plate that will make the SLIMdri a surface mount. Again you will use four screws that line up with the pre-drilled holes on the bracket to mount the wall plate. Before tightening down all the screws make sure you pull the existing wire through the wall plate. The holes remaining are lined up for the SLIMdri to be mounted. Attach the SLIMdri base, hook up the wiring, and then screw down the face-plate. The last step would be reconnecting your power source and the conversion from the A Series to the SLIMdri with Retrofit Kit is complete. Please also check out our article on how to install the SLIMdri if any assistance is needed. Don't forget, ProDryers offers the best prices on hand dryers plus free shipping.

World Dryer A Series

New SlimDri Hand Dryer

Install Video for the SlimDri Retrofit Kit: 

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