Hand Dryers for Schools

The XLERATOR is growing fast and is very popular in schools. It is efficient and high speed. Kids are generally in a rush in between classes or if taking a bathroom break they are expected to be back to class quick, schools need a fast hand dryer that will do the job right. It promotes hygiene and saves 95% cost vs. paper towels.

Another popular hand dryer for schools is our ExtremeAir hand dryer. Children can be messy especially in restrooms, the ExtremeAir features an energy-efficient, maintenance-free design that keeps rest rooms clean without the need for daily cleanup associated with paper towels. The design is 43% smaller than traditional hand dryers which offers more space while being just as powerful. They are vandal resistant with two tamper resistant screws that secure the heavy duty cover to the steel base. Air intake is also shielded for additional safety. This makes the ExtremeAir one the best options in hand dryers for schools.

If noise is of concern in schools with smaller children, consider the Saniflow Speedflow Hand Dryer. It is ADA compliant out of the box, but offers an adjustable motor so the sound level can be taken down. Keep in mind, as the sound level is reduced, the dry time will increase as less force is used.

What's most important for hand dryers for schools is the cost savings. The cost savings for using High Speed Hand Dryers in Schools is many thousands per year for one school. This is a clear cost savings for a school using hand dryers vs. paper towel. Imagine the cost savings for an entire school district. Many schools are also trying to go green and win various green awards. High Speed energy saving hand dryers are a clear solution for schools looking into saving enery and going green. The average cost for a school or university using 3,850 cases of paper towel is $288,750. The average cost of an eXtremeAir hand dryer is just $3,080. That's a cost savings of $285,668 per year. What's most impressive is the hand dryer pays for itself in just 3 months. All new schools are being built with these high speed hand dryers, and older school buildings are moving to energy efficient hand dryers fast. You can calculate the cost savings of installing the high speed eXtreme Air at American Dryer's website. The eXtremeAir EXT costs about 18 cents per 1,000 hand dries. It only uses 540 watts and can handle up to 3 hand dryers on one line. Recently introduced by Excel is the new XLERATOReco which uses no heat technology to further reduce costs yet it still has the ability to dry hands quickly. To help cut down on installation costs and energy usage the Eco may also have 3 hand dryers installed on one line. Energy savings, and cost savings have never been so easy for schools to achieve.

Middle schools and high schools are often tasked with preventing vandalism in the restrooms. How many times are the toilets clogged with paper towels? Hand Dryers eliminate the paper mess and reduce vandalism. American Dryer has proven the durability of their eXtremeAir Hand Dryer by parking an F150 truck on it. The durability of the eXtremeAir and other hand dryers make them a great choice for schools.

Let’s look at some other great choices for schools:

Consider the Dyson Airblade line designed with hygiene and sanitation in mind along with the most powerful 420 MPH hand dryer motor on the market. The Dyson Airblade dB AB14 model is 50% quieter than the original Airblade. At 420 PMH it strips water from hands in just 12 seconds and keeps students’ hands cleaner while the HEPA filtration eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before the air is blown onto the hands. The all new Dyson Airblade V AB12 model allows students to dry hands without rubbing the hands together which creates promotes the surfacing of dead skin cells which aids in spread of bacteria. The Dyson Airblade Tap goes one step further with innovation and allows students and teachers to wash and dry hands right at the sink and utilizes the same HEPA filtration to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout the school. One of the biggest problems with schools is the spread of bacteria and germs. No paper towel can possibly be a more hygienic solution when it comes to HEPA filtered Air.

Attendance is often down during fall, winter, and even spring months. But during flu season, many outbreaks occur at schools, especially those with younger children such as pre-schools or elementary. The challenge of containing flu outbreaks and communicable diseases within schools of all ages is difficult for any school administration. By eliminating paper towels and using a hygienic HEPA filtered hand dryer, the spread of germs and bacteria is greatly reduced. In fact, per Dyson, bacteria are spread up to 1,000 times more with damp wet hands than dry hands. The Airblade will dry hands hygienically and completely in just 12 seconds. Damp paper towel, and even unused dry paper towel have been proven to breed bacteria.

As if the hygienic reasons weren’t enough, consider how much paper a school actually goes through annually. Many thousands of dollars are spent and wasted on paper towel, which also has a negative impact on the world when considering the use of oil for the transportation process of paper, and the harvesting of trees or the pulping process. Schools should be doing their part in reducing the footprint on the environment.

Vandalism in school restrooms occurs very frequently. One of the most widely used vandal tactics is the process of stuffing and clogging toilets with paper towel. All hand dryers eliminate stuffed and clogged toilets which reduce janitorial costs and improve hygiene. For schools, the choice has never been clearer.