Hand Dryers for Bowling Alleys

ProDryers carries the perfect solution in hand dryers for bowling alleys. All bowling alleys should consider using the high speed energy efficient hand dryers that save 95% cost vs. paper towel. It's important that bowling alleys provide a clean, hygienic, an most importantly, a dry restroom. The blazing fast high speed hand dryers at ProDryers will dry bowlers' hands quickly and efficiently, while eliminating the wet paper towel mess all too often seen on restroom floors at bowling alleys. This helps prevent every bowlers' worst fear, which is stepping in something wet with their bowling shoes. In fact, to completely eliminate wet floors, we suggest looking at the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, or a Dualflow Plus by Saniflow. Both products offer water containment units that collect water keeping floors dry.

Word of mouth advertising and customer satisfaction is another important benefit of installing high speed energy efficient hand dryers in a bowling alley. Not only is it hygienic and cost savings, but the hand dryers will work in your behalf of advertising your bowling alley because the hand dryers of today generate conversation due to the simple fact that today's design in hand dryers is changing the world, especially in the bowling alley.