Bobrick B66997 Surface-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser w/Hood For Single Roll

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Normally Ships Out Within 2-5 Business Days

Product Code:
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Satin-finished stainless steel. Hood protects paper. Chrome-plated plastic spindle holds rolls up to 5-1/8" (130mm) dia. (1500 sheets). Theft-Resistant Spindle (Part No. 283-604) available as replacement part.

Shell and Flange — 18-8 S, type-304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel. Drawn, one-piece, seamless construction with two
countersunk mounting screw holes.
Skirt — 18-8 S, type-304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel. All-welded construction.
Support Posts (2) — Heavy-duty cast zamak with chrome-plated finish.
Hood — 18-8 S, type-304, 18-gauge (1.2mm) stainless steel. Hood hinged to shell.
Spindle — Chrome-plated plastic equipped with heavy-duty internal spring.
Designer's Note: Theft-resistant toilet tissue spindle, which is removable only with special key provided, is available as an
optional accessory. To specify, add suffix .60 to model number. Example: B-6699.60.

Mount unit on wall or toilet partition with two sheet-metal screws, furnished by manufacturer, at points indicated by an S.
For partitions with particle-board or other solid core, secure with sheet-metal screws furnished, or provide through-bolts, nut,
and washers.
For hollow-core metal partitions, provide solid backing into which the furnished sheet-metal screws can be secured.
For plaster or dry wall construction, provide concealed backing to comply with local building codes, then secure unit with
sheet-metal screws furnished.
For other wall surfaces, provide fiber plugs or expansion shields for use with sheet-metal screws furnished, or provide 1/8"
(3mm) toggle bolts or expansion bolts.

Surface-mounted toilet tissue dispenser shall be type-304 stainless steel with __________ (insert one: bright polished or satin)
finish. Skirt shall be 22 gauge (0.8mm) with all-welded construction. Shell and flange shall be 22 gauge (0.8mm) and have
drawn, one-piece, seamless construction. Unit shall be equipped with 18-gauge (1.2mm) hood hinged to shell. *Spindle shall
be chrome-plated plastic with a heavy-duty internal spring. Manufacturer’s service and parts manual shall be provided to the
building owner/manager upon request.

*To specify theft-resistant spindle as an optional accessory, add to specification: Theft-resistant toilet tissue spindle shall be
removable only with special key provided.
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