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Dec 31st 1969

Storm Hand Dryers Review

The storm hand dryers line by  palmer fixture, offers unique features compared to those of its competitors. This line consists of three dryers. The EcoStorm, BluStorm, and iStorm each have exclusive features that will cater to the consumer’s needs. ProDryers is here to show these differences, help with the purchasing process, and guide you to the perfect hand dryer. Please review and compare below:

  • EcoStorm Hand Dryer

Just look at the name to see what is special about the (Eco)Storm, it is one of the greenest and also smallest hand dryers on the market. This dryer operates using 90% less energy than most dryers. Its cost per use is only about .00025 cents, you would have to use it 4,000 times before it even costs you one dollar! The EcoStorm is made from recyclable materials leaving a small carbon footprint, which is one of many reasons why it is GreenSpec listed. Although it is already very small, there is the option to install an ADA compliant recess kit along with it. Drying your hands within 10-15 seconds is also quieter than your average hand dryer. By manufacturer claims, the sound level is at about 64 decibels which is lower than the average of about 80. This may not seem like a great number but for every increase of 10 decibels the intensity of the sound doubles. Since the difference between the average and the EcoStorm is 16 db, then the average hand dryer is about 3 times as loud. This dryer comes in three different color options, brushed steel, bright steel, and white. Voltage options include 110/120 and 220/240 volt. It's a great choice for the greenest hand dryer that operates quieter than most other high speed units.

  • BluStorm Hand Dryer

The BluStorm hand dryer shows its uniqueness right in the name as well. It has a one of a kind blue LED light to help with energy efficient hand drying. This dryer operates with about 70% less energy than conventional dryers. This dryer is also listed by GreenSpec meaning it is preferred above other products for the environment. This dryer has the potential to save up to 95% compared to using paper towels. Another great feature of the BluStorm is that it has adjustable speed. It can change from 169 to 225 mph; the change in speed will alter the sound level as well. This component is great for those that desire and or are required to have lower sound levels. While there isn’t any color options beside stainless steel, like the EcoStorm, a recess kit can also be installed to make it ADA compliant. Different voltage options include the 110/120 and 220/240 volt. The BluStorm is another great option for consumers wanting to save on energy and money while adding a unique, elegant styled look and feel to the restroom!

  • iStorm Hand Dryer

The iStorm is one of a kind in its design; the iStrom technology is superior being one of the newest hand dryers on the market. One of the biggest issues with hand dryers is that they splash water back at the user or on the ground, making for dangerous slippery floors. The iStorm blows water away and onto the absorbent ceramic plate, helping maintain a dry floor. It does this with an ergonomic design as well, positioned to dry hands in the same way they were washed. This dryer also has an Anti-Bacterial coating to help reduce the amount of bacteria growth. The coating will last just as long as the dryer does. iStorm hand dryers will dry hands in just 10 seconds and do it more quietly than the average hand dryer with it reaching a noise level of about 67 decibels according to the manufacturer (much lower than the average dryer). Having the ability to control the speed as well as the heating option is among many features that make this hand dryer amazing. Just like the BluStorm, the iStorm also has blue LED lights to maximize hand drying efficiency and a red LED light when the dryer is on standby. Equipped with a HEPA, Carbon, and Antibacterial filter… the iStorm is a great and very innovative product that also gives three color options: Grey Platinum, White, and Black. The iStorm is an excellent option that has features that stand out from the rest. All of these dryers are always in stock and available at the lowest prices with free shipping from ProDryers.