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Dec 31st 1969

World Dryer SMARTdri Hand Dryer

If there is ever a complaint about hand dryers, it is that they make too much noise. On the SMARTdri by World Dryer, it is a simple procedure to change how loud your dryer is. This process can also be completed without the need of an electrician. Before adjusting the sound remember that you will be sacrificing hand drying times. The speed and sound of the dryer are directly proportional, meaning if one is adjusted then the other will also change with it. In office buildings, elementary schools, and libraries it makes perfect sense to have a quiet hand dryer. That is why the SMARTdri is a great option because of the simplicity to change the speed or sound of the dryer. The first step will be to remove the faceplate of the dryer by extracting the two screws located at the bottom of the dryer. The screws will be removed with the allen or hex key given with the dryer, if you do not have this then any local hardware store should offer a hex key set containing the correct size you need. After the face-plate is off you will need to remove the door covering the circuit board, this can be done using a Phillips head screwdriver. At the bottom of the circuit board there are two switches, the one on the left will adjust the speed resulting in your desired sound level. You may need a flat head screwdriver to help adjust this. The switch will be labeled showing you three options, high, medium, and low. Of course low will result in the lowest sound and high giving you the loudest. Once your desired sound is achieved, replace the door with the Phillips head screwdriver then the face-plate with the two hex head screws. Those are the simple steps you need to take in adjusting the sound level of your World Dryer SMARTdri. Do you have an eXtreme Air hand dryer as well? Check out our article on changing the sound level of this dryer too.

Behind the face-plate of the SMARTdri showing the circuit board and where to locate speed settings: