Hand Dryer Warranties

Warranties generally range from 2 to 10 years. The longest warranties, 10 years, are offered by Saniflow’s Speedflow, Bobrick’s Trimline hand dryer, and also World Dryer's SLIMdri.

Excel’s XLERATOR hand dryers, American Dryer’s ExtremeAir, along with World Dryer’s Airmax, Model A, and Airforce hand dryers all stand firm behind their warranties. They are some of the most dependable warranties on the market today. Our two USA made hand dryers in the Xlerator and Extreme Air, both with 5 year warranties and the Dyson Airblade also with a 5 warranty have proven to be some of the most reliable choices on the market.

Most importantly, the better warranty does not always last longer. In fact, it rarely does. For example, a product made in the USA (such as an XLERATOR) that carries a 5 year warranty vs. a product made in China carrying a 10 year. In this case, take the 5 year. Even if the Chinese product has a life-time warranty, do you really want to deal with the hassle of trying to get parts?