Get Custom Color Xlerator Hand Dryers at ProDryers

Dec 31st 1969

Xlerator Hand Dryers with Custom Color

Get custom color Xlerator hand dryers now at ProDryers by calling 888-503-7937. If you are looking for a hard to find color, chances are, we can get it. We carry a wide range of hand dryers including some hard to find colors such as red, black, and custom go green and blue fusion covers for the Xlerator hand dryer. For example, see the XL-R or XL-SP Red Xlerator or the XL-BF Blue Fusion Xlerator, which are both always in stock and normally ship same day, to get an idea of our custom colors and graphics. Besides the basic colors such as green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, gold, blue, and red, we can get any color you can think of. If we do not have the color in stock, there will normally be a required 5 unit minimum for some custom colors. There are no minimum requirements for custom graphics and logos on Xlerator hand dryers.

Just some examples of our custom color and special image Xlerator hand dryers: