In Manufacturing, Domestic Makes a Difference

Posted by Excel Dryer on Sep 7th 2021

In Manufacturing, Domestic Makes a Difference

In January, President Biden signed an executive order designed to change government spending. Specifically, the order urges federal agencies to give preference to domestic producers—that is, to partner with manufacturers here in the U.S. before seeking production overseas. It’s a directive that could incentivize American businesses, moving them to keep their supply-chain strategy stateside.

American manufacturing is critical to our nation’s economy, driving product innovation while providing employment opportunities close to home. Ease of availability is another reason to favor American made, a case highlighted by the lodging of a shipping vessel in the Suez Canal in April 2021. As the Canal accounts for nearly a third of the world’s daily shipping container freight, even a six-day passage holdup is likely to have significant and lasting effects.

Pride in Domestic Production

An operation that keeps manufacturing and parts sourcing within the same country has clear advantages. It’s a strategy that Excel Dryer, an American hand dryer manufacturer, has embraced from the start.

To better understand Excel Dryer’s commitment to the American made movement, consider these facts:

  • Their three signature hand dryers were the first in the industry to be Made in USA Certified.
  • They fought and won a dispute with the International Trade Commission, helping to keep ecommerce marketplaces clear of knock-off products— ensuring that consumers who want XLERATOR ® Hand Dryers are guaranteed the genuine product.
  • Doing their part to help fuel our local economy, Excel Dryer employs a team of 50+ American workers living in the region of their manufacturing facility.

As company president Denis Gagnon has said, Excel Dryer is “proud to be an American manufacturer of quality products people enjoy using and can depend on”—for all the reasons described and many others.

More to Be Done

Building on 1993’s Buy American Act, President Biden’s recent order increases the percentage of American-made content for a product to be considered “Made in the USA.” However, information the Federal Trade Commission offers around Made in USA content disclosures (in labeling or advertising, for example) indicates that regulations may vary depending on the product. For example, American manufacturers must disclose U.S. content of automobiles and textiles, wool and fur products, but some language around other categories is less clear cut. So while the new law is a positive development, we hope that additional standardization will be applied across industries.

As a distributor, we believe in product testing and transparency, and we’re proud to partner with manufacturers who demonstrate the same. We welcome questions about Excel Dryer or their line of American-made products.