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Posted by Excel Dryer on Oct 14th 2019

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Hand dryers and hygiene: The facts (and features) of the matter

To us at ProDryers and to countless facilities worldwide, the continuing debate over hand dryers v. paper towels—particularly in the realm of hygiene—is becoming, in a word, tired. In fact, we find any doubt about the hygienic efficacy of high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers downright baffling. Why? It’s simple, when you consider all that really counts.

The features

Our trusted industry partner, Excel Dryer, designed its world-famous hand dryers and accessories with strategic defense in mind. Here’s how those products are ready to fend off invisible impurities lurking in any commercial restroom:

Their very design. For starters, all dryers in Excel Dryer’s expanded and enhanced product line—including the XLERATOR ®, XLERATOR eco®andThinAir® Hand Dryers—have a no touch, sensor-activated, hands-under style. This eliminates touch points in the hand drying process, greatly reducing the risk of spreading germs.

Washable pre-filter. Should an unwanted large particle make its way inside one of these hand dryers, it stands little chance of escaping into the air stream. Large particle and airborne debris won’t get past the easily removable, washable metal mesh pre-filter, a standard feature of Excel Dryer’s three signature products. This exclusive safeguard not only promotes a hygienic environment but helps protect the dryer’s motor, resulting in more reliable performance and a longer life span.

Excel Dryer also offers the industry’s most complete line of optional features and accessories. Among the most popular is its HEPA filtration system, providing advanced backup against airborne particles. Available for specification with XLERATOR and XLERATOR eco, the system removes 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air stream, facilitating the ultimate option for hand drying purity.

Antimicrobial Wall Guards. Filtration clears the air, but Excel Dryer doesn’t stop there. The manufacturer’s antimicrobial Wall Guards, designed specifically to fit underneath electric hand

dryers, protect wall finishes from water residue blown off hands by the powerful air stream.

Its brushed stainless steel guards are antimicrobial in their own right—made of material that’s naturally resistant to absorption—while its black and white Wall Guards include built-in Microban ® technology. This protective enhancement inhibits bacteria growth that can cause stains on walls and surfaces. Ideal for high-traffic restrooms, all of Excel Dryer’s antimicrobial Wall Guards are hygienic and easy to clean.

The facts

Although the paper towel industry continues to perpetuate misconceptions about the hygienic efficacy of hand dryers, there are several independent third-party studies that counter these claims—and provide the facts. For example:

  • Researchers at Laval University in Quebec City evaluated bacterial contaminants found on unused paper towels and found 17 species of bacteria on the paper towels with the most common being Bacillus, which causes food poisoning. ( American Journal of Infection Control, March 2012, Vol. 40)
  • The Mayo Clinic found that “there are no differences in the efficiencies of removing bacteria from washed hands when hands are dried using paper towels, cloth towels, warm forced air or spontaneous evaporation.” (Mayo Clinic Proceedings, August 2012, Vol. 87, Issue 8)
  • Antimicrobial Test Laboratories conducted a study for Excel Dryer to evaluate bacteria levels on the hands of volunteers related to hand washing and drying. All study subjects washed their hands, then dried them with either paper towels or an Excel Dryer. The results of this study indicated that the method of drying (paper towels or XLERATOR) does not significantly affect bacteria levels on hands. (Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, Excel Study #NG1687, September 2009)

Health care facilities, restaurants and other health- and hygiene-conscious facilities around the globe have wisely chosen—and continue to choose—Excel Dryer products to keep germs at bay. Given their hardworking features and the hard-hitting facts, this is one case that’s long overdue for good, clean closure.

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