Hand Dryer Voltages From 110v, 115v, 120v, 208v, 220v, 240v and 277v

When purchasing a hand dryer, many come with a specific voltage while others come equipped with universal voltage. If you are unsure of which voltage to purchase, consider the American Dryer ExtremeAir or Advantage hand dryers which will auto configure to run on any voltage ranging from 100-240 volt.

However, in many cases, you will need to know the exact voltage your building is wired for. Our most common purchase is the 110-120 volt Xlerator hand dryer. That range would work on anything from 110v, 115v, to 120v. For buildings wired at a 208 volt, we carry the 208 volt Xlerator along with many choices of hand dryers that range from 208-240 volt. Dyson has simplified all of their Airblade hand dryers to run on two ranges. The LV model is made for 110v, 115v, and 120v and the HV Airblade model is made for 208 v and 220-240v.

So if you are looking for 110v hand dryers or anything ranging from 110v, 115v, 120v, 208v, 220-240v, or even 277v, we have hand dryers in stock to run at the required voltage of your building or facility. Check with your electrician to confirm which hand dryer voltage you should purchase.

Call us at 888-503-7937 and a sales rep will be happy to help you understand the different voltage options with hand dryers.

Below are some of our top selling hand dryers in all available voltages: