The Benefits of Hand Dryers | A Variety of Cost Savings

Dec 31st 1969

The Benefits of Hand Dryers

Many business owners don't fully add up all the benefits that hand dryers bring to the table. There is no question that hand dryers absolutely save money and pay for themselves in a matter of months. In fact, hand dryers can save many thousands of dollars annually over paper towel costs and last on average 7-10 years. So what’s stopping businesses from abandoning paper towels altogether?

There is the misconception that all hand dryers take too long to dry hands and the newer dryers are too loud. That is the furthest from the truth as new technology has evolved making dry times as fast as 10 seconds, plus quieter solutions are being designed as technology evolves. For example, the AB14 Dyson Airblade dB dries hands in just 12 seconds.

There is concern that hand dryers are too loud. There are a few options with today’s technology. First, consider the Dyson Airblade. The original AB04 has been replaced with the new Dyson Airblade dB AB14 model. This new and improved Airblade operates at 420 MPH (slightly faster than the AB04), plus, it’s 50% quieter. Also, consider units with an adjustable motor such as the American Dryer ExtremeAir. It can dry at 10 seconds or adjust as low as 25 seconds; the choice is yours. Full control is offered within the 10-25 second range or low 80 dB to high 60 dB. The World Dryer SmartDri and Saniflow Speedflow are also examples of hand dryers with adjustable motors for noise sensitive areas. So if you are concerned that a hand dryer may be too loud, go with one of these and you should be good to go!

Business owners and facility managers often worry about durability and reliability. The fact is, on average, a hand dryer such as the Xlerator hand dryer will last 7-10 years. The Xlerator is pure king when it comes to durability. It’s 100% USA made and is the only hand dryer to qualify for the buy American act. Since ProDryers started selling these units, less than 10 have ever had a warranty issue. Those statistics are coupled with the fact that over 500 units are sold at ProDryers per month on average, often over 600. The data just doesn’t lie. The USA made American Dryer ExtremeAir is also a very durable choice and the data suggests that premium products are still made in the USA! The Xlerator and ExtremeAir are the only USA made hand dryers offered at ProDryers, and we only offer the very best in quality.

The most debated argument is hygiene. The paper companies have funded numerous biased studies where old hand dryers are compared to paper towel. Today there is technology that just can’t be debated when it comes to hand dryers vs. paper towels regarding hygiene and sanitation. HEPA filters on units such as the Dyson Airblade eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria from the air before the air is blown onto the hands making the air used to dry hands cleaner than the air in the actual restroom. It’s likely other hand dryer technology will emerge that renders the paper towel hygiene arguments as null. New scientific evidence actually proves that bacteria can live and thrive well in wet and even dry, unused paper towel.

With all of the new technology today and the clear reasons to move away from paper towel and into hand dryers, the paper industry is slowly falling off a cliff, and for good reason. It’s time to start thinking about the environment and saving trees. Consider the amount of oil used to fund the transportation operation of moving paper towel around the world. Trees provide essential oxygen to this earth and much more for animals and insects. Everything serves its purpose in our ecosystem. Save our energy, save our trees, save your money, and preserve the planet! Call 888-50-DRYER now. All hand dryers are NOT created equal and we will walk you through the process of choosing the best hand dryer for your specific situation. Or visit now. No other company knows hand dryers like we do!