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Dec 31st 1969

The New iStorm by Palmer Fixture

The iStorm by Palmer Fixture is one of the newest high speed hand dryers to hit the market offering the newest in hand drying technology. This dryer comes with the most unique design, plus some great new technology to the hand dryer world. Many different intuitive features make up the iStorm, but first, let’s start with the dry time, which is just 10-12 seconds because of its 224 MPH air speed! If the speed is too much, there is an easy accessible switch to change not only the air speed but also the heat option. Contrary to most high speed dryers, the iStorm operates at quiet 67 db compared to the average of 80. A downside to some dryers is that they blow water onto the floor or back at the user. This iStorm hand dryer blows water down and away from the user. Seeing as wet floors are unsafe, the manufacturer decided to make this dryer solve that problem. While blowing the water down and away, it also collects the majority of the water onto the ceramic absorbent plate; the leftover water trickles into a removable drip tray that can easily be emptied in seconds. Another unsafe issue in the restroom is bacteria. The iStorm is equipped with a HEPA/Carbon/Anti-bacteria filter to help eliminate up to 99.97% of airborne bacteria. The second way it promotes cleanliness is by using an anti-bacterial coating on the surface to reduce the ability for any microorganisms to grow; this coating will last just as long as the dryer will. Adding to the design, dual color led lights are located in the drying area that light up blue while in use and change to red during stand by. Color options include: Black, White, and Platinum; these colors are in 110-120 volt, or 208-240 volt. Some of the best hand dryers on the market offer options such as fast, quiet, water containment, hygienic HEPA filtration, stylish design, ADA compliance, and ease of use. The iStorm hand dryer combines all of the best features of every hand dryer into a single unit. The iStorm high speed hand dryer is a top of the line dryer with great technology and ergonomic design. ProDryers has the cheapest pricing on the iStorm and all other hand dryers with free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US!