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Dec 31st 1969

iStorm Hand Dryer Cost Calculator

The iStorm by Palmer Fixture is a new and very unique high speed hand dryer. It uses advanced technology that dries hand quickly while saving you lots of money. If you are currently using paper towels in your commercial restroom, ProDryers is here to provide an example of just how much the iStorm could be saving you. Let’s start with an example of what paper towel is costing. Imagine your company goes through 10 cases of paper towel every month at a cost of $38.00 per case. Yearly this cost adds up to $4,560 not to mention the freight charge and or cleaning and disposing costs of paper towels. Many C-Fold paper towels to be used in a dispenser come in a case of 2,400 so every year 288,000 paper towels are being used. The average person will use 2 paper towels per use, so by dividing this number into the total paper towels used, you will have had 144,000 uses from the paper towel dispenser. The cost comparisons of uses from paper towel to a hand dryer are unimaginable. If we switch the 144,000 uses from the paper towels to the iStorm the yearly cost drops to just $48! This is a savings of $4,512 which in terms of percent savings is 98%! These savings are based on a $.10 K.W.H. rate. Not only does the iStorm save money but it also helps the environment. Some of the affects include saving trees, landfill space, and also emissions because there is no longer a need to constantly deliver paper towels. We have provided a link below to guide you to this cost calculator to figure out the exact savings based on current paper towel usage. Don’t forget ProDryers has the best pricing on all hand dryers and many other restrooms accessories all with free shipping! Call toll free at 888-50-Dryer for any questions.

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