How to Install American Dryer ADA-RK Recess Kit

Dec 31st 1969

New American Dryer ADA-RK Recess Kit

The new stainless steel recess kit by American Dryer for the USA made eXtreme Air hand dryer series is designed to make the hand dryer ADA approved. With this recess kit the dryer will extend out of the wall no more than 4 inches making it compliant to the ADA standards. The installation process is fairly simple. As always the first step you will want to take is disconnecting the power source. Then you will want to make a rough wall opening 14-1/2” wide and a height of 19-1/2”. The wall opening needs to be at a certain height from the ground depending on the usage. Men’s restrooms are 35-3/8”, women 33-3/8”, children 23-3/8”-33-3/8”, and disabled 27-3/8”. Make sure the opening being cut is framed on all sides to help secure the recess box. After this opening is completed insert the recess box and run the electrical through the pre-drilled conduit hole. Then with the four wood screws given, secure the box using two screws on each side, one at the top and bottom. Now that the box is installed it is time to fasten the dryer. Remove the two screws that hold the cover onto the dryer, then you will place the base of the dryer on the four pre-mounted bolts on the recess kit. To secure the dryer tighten down the flat washers and nuts on each of the four bolts. Next you will want to hook up your electrical according to the directions given with the dryer. The final step of installing is to place the cover back on with the two security screws, connect the power and you are ready. Restrooms are one of the main structures that require many types of ADA compliant items, with the simple installation of the recess kit your hand dryer(s) can hold up to this standard. ProDryers offers the recess kit alone, or with a GXT9-SS or EXT7-SS as well. ProDryers carries over 2500 commercial restroom products from trusted and quality manufacturers like Koala, Bobrick, Bradley, ASI, and more! All of these items ship for free to the contiguous US states! Call 888-50-Dryer for any questions or for more information about our products. Below is a link to the schematic of how to install the new and improved American Dryer Recess Kit.

Tip: This new and improved recess kit fits the GXT and EXT ExtremeAir series, but also fits the American Dryer GX hand dryers and even the new American Dryer Advantage series.

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The ADA-RK with Dryer:

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ADA-RK American Dryer's New Recess Kit - Install Guide