Buy American Act | Hand Dryers Made in the USA

May 15th 2019

Hand Dryers and the Buy American Act

At ProDryers, we know hand dryers like Chuck Norris inflicts pain. Roughly 50% of our sales come from callers that require assistance in choosing the best hand dryer option for the facility at hand. ProDryers is a huge supporter of our USA made products because over time, the USA made products have proven to be superior made vs. products coming from other countries. Not only do the USA made hand dryers rarely have issues or break down, but in the rare case that they do, the American manufacturers are the absolute best when backing their warranties and handling our customers swiftly without delay or inconvenience. For that reason coupled with the elite quality of the products, we suggest you consider buying American!

Often, our customers ask us if a hand dryer falls under the Buy American Act. The Buy American Act passed in 1933 by Congress and signed by President Hoover on his last full day in office (March 3, 1933), required the United States government to prefer U.S.-made products in its purchases. Other pieces of Federal legislation extend similar requirements to third-party purchases that utilize Federal funds, such as highway and transit programs. The only high speed hand dryer currently (as of 4/22/2013) on the market to qualify under the Buy American Act is the Excel Dryer Xlerator.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking to purchase products that are American made. ProDryers is happy to give our customers that option. The Xlerator is our top suggestion. It has one of the fastest drying times among all the hand dryers. With around 300 M.P.H. the Xlerator will dry your hands in just 10 to 12 seconds! It does so while saving you up to 95% compared to paper towel costs. This dryer also has the 1.1 reduction nozzle now pre-installed (always at ProDryers) to lower the sound level by 10 decibels. All of our Xlerator’s have voltage options of 110/120, 208-277V and with a variety of colors! These colors are white, black, chrome, stainless, and textured graphite. If unsure of which dryer may be right for you contact us at 1-888-50-Dryer to talk to our hand dryer experts. ProDryers has the lowest pricing and free shipping to the contiguous United States on all of your restroom needs!