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Bathroom Hand Dryers

When people think of bathrooms, they often think of residential bathrooms. Restrooms or washrooms are often referred to as public bathrooms. Hand Dryers can be installed to both residential bathrooms or public restrooms and commercial washrooms. However, the best options are hard-wire electrical units that require an electrician for installation.

Electrical Installation

An electrician will charge by the hour. As long as the electrical wiring is present for the hand dryer to tap into, it's a pretty simple job and should cost anywhere from $75 - $300 for the installation. Should electrical boxes and wiring need to be run, the job can take hours to days depending on the size of the bathroom and the quantity of hand dryers needed.

The Plug In Option

Any hand dryer can be fitted with a standard AC plug. Please be warned, a hard-wired unit that has been modified will void the warranty. Still, some of our residential buyers have chosen to extend a plug onto the dryer and then surface mount it to their bathroom wall. We do have some plug-in options where the unit is factory fit with a cord and plug. Typically, these units are best fit for residential or smaller offices such as dental offices, doctors offices, and work environments with low restroom traffic.

Browse a Small Variety of our Hard Wired vs. Plug-In Units Below

More on Residential Bathrooms Vs. Public Restrooms

We have shown just a few examples that would fit best for both residential bathrooms and public restrooms. The wall-mounted units where hands are placed below the dryer are best suited for commercial and industrial environments. Any area where restroom traffic is high, consider something like the XLERATOR or Dyson Airblade V. Residential and low traffic bathrooms should consider either plug-in units or the taller vertical, hands-in styles like the Mitsubishi Jet Towel. In fact, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel also offers water collection making it the perfect solution for residential and smaller, light traffic environments. Last, the Dyson Wash+Dry is a great option for any environment as it offers a faucet and dryer combination all in one. The Wash+Dry may be on the difficult side of installation because it requires a plumber and licensed electrician, but it's sleek design may be well worth the price and installation.