Automatic Hand Dryers | Touchless (No touch Infrared Sensor Hand Dryers)

ProDryers is a Master Distributor of all major brands and specializes in automatic (no touch) hand dryers. Touchless technology is the most hygienic method of drying hands. The infrared sensors conserve energy by detecting motion resulting in quick activation and deactivation of the hand dryers to ensure they are not running when hands are not placed in the dry position. The end result is much less energy wasted. And no more dirty buttons to push.

Get the absolute best pricing on all automatic and touch-less hand dryers, plus get free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. Browse all of our no-touch hand dryers with touch-less infrared sensor technology. Touching dirty push buttons is a problem of the past. We carry hundreds of touch-less automatic hand dryers by all top major brands. If you are looking for a specific model number, use the search box at the top of this page. This section will list our most popular automatic hand dryers, but not necessarily all of them.

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