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Shop electric hand dryers by price, brand, style and more! Enjoy big savings by cutting on paper towel costs. Did you know some of our hand dryers cost as little as 18 cents per 1,000 uses? In comparison, paper towel costs about $23 per 1,000 uses. Eliminate vandalism such as clogged toilets stuffed with paper towels. Go green now by saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Thank You for Considering ProDryers®

  • Read our online reviews. We are highly trusted.
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Things to Consider When Buying a Hand Dryer

  • Are you replacing an old, existing model?
  • Are you converting away from paper towel for potential cost savings, going green, or vandalism prevention?
  • Maybe it’s to present a more modern restroom design, incorporating automatic sensor technology for a hands-free experience. Less contact with touchless activation means more hygienic.
  • Maybe saving money is the most important fact. The savings can add up fast.

Whatever your reasons, the following will help educate you on making the best decision. If you’d prefer, call us at 888-503-7937 and let us walk you through a variety of choices.

#1 Track Record

We often get asked questions like:

  1. Which is the best hand dryer?
  2. What do users seem to like the most?
  3. What have past customers said?
  4. Which brands have been the most reliable?

As much as one may think this is pure opinion, the fact is, we have sales history since 2003 to fall back on for these answers. There is a clear answer to the first question based on our success rate. While our manufacturers may not appreciate us promoting a brand over theirs, this is the exact reason why ProDryers® was started. To allow our customer base to compare a variety of hand dryers and make the best purchasing decision based on the data and material provided. Our entire reason for existence is for customer satisfaction. Thus, we proudly suggest the only USA made certified hand dryer, the Excel Dryer XLERATOR®.

That’s not to say other brands are not reliable. But based on historical sales data, the XLERATOR® warranty is rarely needed by our customers. So rare, that based off of 600-900 units sold every single month, we experience less than 1% warranty calls. Keep in mind, the warranty lasts for 5 years. However, the hand dryer lasts 7-10 years on average. This answers both questions 1 and 4 above.

Users seem to like the Dyson Airblade® V the most. We get the most compliments and overall user satisfaction with this model. It’s not like the hands-in style Dyson unit. It’s a very sleek and stylish wall mounted unit and offers a high-tech user experience. The V is also a very reliable and durable product.

Past customers seem to like and prefer the two units mentioned above. But it’s no surprise that these two manufacturers lead the way with customer satisfaction. Both have put endless efforts into branding. Typically, in any market, the better branded products are often the highest in quality.

#2 Brand Awareness

Maybe you have heard of a specific brand through browsing online, social media, or a personal experience in the restroom. Or maybe you have read online reviews on sites such as Amazon or even here on ProDryers®. Again, when it comes to branding, the manufacturers that do that best will probably see long term success. You will be more likely to find a variety of reviews for specific hand dryers. That’s because branding and quality often go hand in hand. Otherwise, you’d find a bunch of bad reviews and no manufacturer wants that! Since these manufacturers understand branding, brands like Excel Dryer XLERATOR® and Dyson Airblade® have had a big head start on building up a successful market. In turn, you will find these are great choices.

#3 Design

Are you looking for a specific design? Most hand dryers are pretty plain and simple in terms of aesthetics. Most customers considering design fall into two categories:

  1. Need a reliable, high powered hand drying solution that moves people in and out of the restroom fast with little to no lines.
  2. Looking for a modern design to compliment the restroom décor but function and performance is still important.

#1 is easy. Choose the XLERATOR. It’s unmatched with performance and reliability. There is a reason why it’s the #1 brand on the market. As we mentioned above, needing the warranty on this machine is rare. It just does the job of drying hands fast. It’s simply built to last.

#2 depends more on the person or team purchasing the dryer. What is modern and stylish? That may vary from person to person. We can simply present what we think may fall into the stylish category.

#4 Cost Savings

Cost savings can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Savings achieved by reducing or eliminating paper towel. This varies by facility. The larger the building, the more washrooms needed. The more washrooms the more cost savings can be achieved.
  • Electric hand dryers with current technology use barely any electricity. Some warm-air hand dryers cost less than 50 cents per 1,000 uses while some non-heated, cool air units cost less than 20 cents per 1,000 uses. Purchasing non-heated ones also allows multiple hand dryers to be installed to a single electrical line in some cases, depending on the brand. Two examples are the XLERATOReco® and ExtremeAir EXT. Both are designed without a heating element for maximum electrical savings.
  • Reducing maintenance costs associated with continuous paper towel replacement & waste removal, management of purchasing paper towel in bulk, storing it, and the constant costs of combatting vandalism such as paper towels stuffed in toilets.

#5 Audience

Some users, probably many to be fair, prefer paper towels. Business owners and facility managers prefer hand dryers to save on a variety of costs explained above. We always suggest to factor in your audience. The end goal should be to eliminate paper. In buildings such as rest areas, schools or stadiums, that may not be very difficult. Do you really care about what the user prefers in those situations? However, in a small family restaurant, it may be wise to install both paper towel dispenses and electric hand dryers. In this case, we suggest placing the paper towel dispenser further away, closer to the door as many users prefer to use paper to avoid touching the door handle. Be sure to place a waste receptacle near the exit as well!

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Shipping is always on us! Don't pay for shipping ever again. In fact, if you need two day air, many of our top-selling hand dryers have an option on the product page to choose free 2 day air. For those customers that need the product quick, as a convenience, we can cover the 2 day air costs on items such as the XLERATOR, Dyson Airblade, ExtremeAir, and some other units. On specific products, we also have discounted next day air. As a true leader in the hand dryer industry, we have all bases covered.

Understanding the Differences of Various Hand Dryer Brands

We have made the process of shopping for an electric hand dryer as simple as possible. This page offers several different sub-categories to choose from. We have broken the shopping process down by style, by manufacturer, and by most popular choices based on over 10 years of historical purchases. We also take into consideration the reliability, energy efficiency, and warranty in order to make our best-selling list. Our overall menu design should provide one of the easiest hand dryer shopping experiences found online today! Find the information you need quickly in order to make an educated purchase decision. Call 888-50-DRYER if you prefer to talk over the phone.