Maintenance-Free Hand Dryers
Which hand dryer to choose: One that requires maintenance or a maintenance-free solution?

Maintenance-Free Hand Dryers vs. Hand Dryers that Require Maintenance

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Not all hand dryers are maintenance-free. Our most popular choices requiring little to no maintenance are the Xlerator and ExtremeAir hand dryers. It’s pretty much install and walk away. Most of our hand dryers are actually maintenance-free by design. However, there are a few that require either filter changing or even making sure the collected water is emptied. On the units that have water containment, not only will the water need to be emptied quite frequently, but it also presents a possibility of generating an odor if left unchecked. For example, the Veltia hand dryer may be a great option for some businesses. But it comes with HEPA filters and zero smell odor control as the unit does collect water. By collecting water, the Veltia prevents water from hitting walls and floors, but it also requires some added maintenance. For many facilities, the added maintenance is well worth the efforts to prevent water from hitting floors and walls. The Saniflow Dualflow Plus and Mitsubishi Jet Towel also do a great job of preventing water spills, yet they require maintenance to empty out the water and prevent odor build-ups.

When considering units like the Dyson Airblade, there is very little maintenance required. The HEPA filters will often last the life of the dryer. In extremely high traffic restroom settings, the Airblade HEPA filters may need to be changed every few years (closer to 5 in most cases). The HEPA filters take just a few minutes to replace so calling that maintenance is hardly accurate.

Each restroom has a unique set of requirements based on the audience and environment related to the business or facility. Call us at 888-503-7937 for more information on maintenance-free hand dryers vs. the ones that require very low maintenance to the ones that require constant maintenance of emptying collected water.

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