Hand Dryers for Hotels
Let ProDryers help you find the perfect hand dryer for your hotel!

Hand Dryers for Hotels

The best Hand Dryer for a hotel would be determined by looking at your common customer base.

For the high end 5 star hotel, or hotels with casinos, we would suggest the Mitsubishi Jet Towel or the Dyson Airblade. The Jet Towel and Airblade are prestigious unique hand dryers that you place the hands inside for a dry time of 10 seconds. The Dyson Airblade moves air at speeds up to 400 mph, and it kills 99.9% of all bacteria in the air. You just can't go wrong with the Dyson Airblade. However, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel was invented in 1993, making it the most reliable prestigious hand dryer on the market. The Jet Towel Motor is superior. Rated at 3600 hours – or 7 years at 400 uses per day – the motor in the Jet Towel lasts over 3 times longer that any other dryer on the market. Some of the original models in Japan still work to this day. It also operates at just 64 decibels, which is well below most other hand dryers, especially high speed hand dryers.

For the best of hotels and lower, we suggest the Xlerator by Excel Dryer, the eXtremeAir by American Dryer, the Speedflow by Saniflow, or the Dualflow by Saniflow.

All of these hand dryers would be ideal for hotels because they offer energy savings. The eXtremeAir EXT dries 1,000 hands at the cost of just 18 cents.

If noise levels are of concern on your hotel, try the Speedflow by Saniflow. The Speedflow has an adjustable motor and can be taken down to a lower decibel level. This in turn increases the time it takes to dry hands, but you can find the right balance that works best for your hotel guests.

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