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XLERATOR® Dyson Airblade ExtremeAir

The XLERATOR® comes in the standard (heated) and the XLERATOReco (no heat) versions. It's one of our best sellers at ProDryers. We sell hundreds of units per month. In fact, we normally sell fro 600 - 1000 units per month, and growing. We have had less than a dozen warranty issues in the history of selling the it to date. This is a superior built, USA made machine with a premium 5 year warranty backed by the leading manufacturer in the industry, Excel Dryer. All Excel Dryer units are extremely vandal resistant, durable, reliable, and built for heavy-duty restroom usage.

The standard heated version uses 1500 watts and 12.5 amp on a 110-120 volt line. The new higher voltage unit is a multi-volt of 208-277. At 208 volts, the XLERATOR® only uses 7 amp, the 220-240 volt uses 6.5 amp, and the 277 volt uses 5.5 amp. The new XLERATOReco (no heating element) uses just 500 watts and 4.5 amp on a 110-120 volt line. The 208 volt uses just 2.1 amp, while the 220-240 uses 2.2 amp.

It can be equipped with HEPA filtration to eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria leaving pure air to dry hands. Likewise, all XLERATOR's at ProDryers are equipped with sound and speed control allowing full customization of the motor. Reducing the power will result in a quieter hand drying experience. At ProDryers, all are factory installed with the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle which reduces the noise level by as much as 10 decibels while still providing a 10-15 second dry time. 99.99% of our customers prefer the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle over any other nozzle. We can still provide the standard nozzle if you prefer a couple seconds faster at about 10 decibels louder. Just call us at 888-503-7937 and we can quickly help.

We keep thousands of XLERATOR® models (al covers, all voltages) in stock ready to ship fast and free. We normally ship out all voltages and all standard covers same day, such as white BMC, white aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, graphite, and black. We even stock specialty covers such as red. To take it even one step further, we stock our own designed blue fusion and green bubbles covers as well. We are one of the top few national, master distributors of the Excel Dryer XLERATOR®. If you want your custom logo or image wrapped onto the dryer, please call us.

The Dyson Airblade currently comes in three versions. The AirBlade dB (AB14), the AirBlade V (HU02), and the AirBlade Tap (AB09, AB10, AB11). The Taps are being phased out and now called the Wash+Dry. All three versions of the Dyson AirBlade move air at 420 MPH using the Dyson digital v4 motor. And all three AirBlade designs utilize HEPA filtration to eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria from the air used to dry hands. The air used to dry hands is pure, clean, bacteria-free air. The Dyson AirBlade offers a solution to the problems of hygiene and sanitation in restrooms. The AirBlade strips water from hands in seconds leaving hands completely dry and free of bacteria and germs assuming the user properly washed his or her hands.

The AB14 or “AirBlade dB” is the newest hands-in style hand dryer from Dyson. It’s 50% quieter and 20 MPH more powerful than the older AB04. The HU02 or “AirBlade V” is “V” shaped and wall-mounted which uses the same digital v4 motor and HEPA filtration technology as the AB14. The AirBlade V is often confused as the AirBlade 5. However, it is called the “AirBlade V” due to the “V” shaped design. The AirBlade V starts out at just $749 for the white cover and $799 for the sprayed nickel cover. Having the same technology and performance capabilities as the AB14 has made the Hu02 AirBlade V an extremely popular choice among our Dyson customers.

The AirBlade Tap (now called the wash+dry) is unique from most designs. The Dyson wash+dry is an automatic sensor operated faucet and hand dryer hybrid design. This innovation has led to yet another technology race with hand dryer manufacturers just as the concept of HEPA filtration ignited a hygiene race. The AirBlade wash+dry allows users to wash and dry from the sink without needing to leave the washing area which helps eliminate wet floors. Call us for more information on this newer design or buy online. It will require both a plumber and electrician for the install.

The ExtremeAir from American Dryer has evolved into three versions. With those three versions, literally every scenario for a restroom should be a good fit for the ExtremeAir. All versions of the ExtremeAir are compact with measurements of 10-1/8” wide, 9-3/8” in height, and 5-5/8” in depth making it the most compact hand dryer in its class. All versions of the ExtremeAir can be made ADA compliant with either an ADA wall guard or a recess kit. Plus, all versions of the ExtremeAir are equipped with universal voltage of 100-240 making installs less costly, and have built in motor control for configuring sound (measured in decibels) and speed. The speed can be lowered to a 25 second dry time which operates at 69 dB, quiet enough for a library, or the speed can be left as high as a 10-15 second dry time operating in the low to mid 80 dB range. The three versions of the ExtremeAir are explained below:

The GXT is the #1 selling ExtremeAir and uses a heating element. The warm-air GXT requires a dedicated circuit. The EXT uses no heating element and thus pulls only 540 amp at most on a 120 volt line. Without the heating element, up to three EXT's can be installed to a single electrical line. The CPC uses cold plasma to kill 99.6% of all bacteria and germs. The cold plasma is warmed using a heating element. The CPC version of the ExtremeAir has been independently tested and proven to kill Staph, MRSA, C.diff, E.coli, Influenza, Salmonella and more. Even if users do not wash hands properly, the American Dryer CPC will sanitize while it dries making the argument that it may be the most hygienic electric dryer on the market. By using cold plasma, no HEPA filters are required keeping it maintenance-free.

The American made ExtremeAir starts out around $385 but call for quotes and quantity discounts.

Top Sellers (Section 2 - Our Tier Two Sellers)

World Dryer Storm Hand Dryers Saniflow

World Dryer is a well-known name in the hand dryer industry. Today, World Dryer has a complete line of hand drying solutions to meet any restroom or job specification.

The all new World Dryer VERDEdri is a wall-mount, HEPA equipped, ADA compliant unit with on/off heat options, built-in adjustable sound and speed, and universal voltage of 110-240 volt. The VERDEdri has all possible options built in making it our most complete restroom dryer.

The thin designed ADA compliant SlimDri is one of our best-selling World Dryer units. The white L-974 aluminum cover or the L-973 brushed stainless steel are the top choices with the SlimDri. We have many covers and styles to choose from.

The no-heat World Dryer Airforce is a well-known and trusted brand and one of our oldest high-speed dryers. The Airforce is one of our most affordable high-speed units, plus it has proven itself as a durable and reliable choice.

The World Dryer SMARTdri offers a high-speed dry time with an on/off heat option (only 400 watts with no heat) along with universal voltage and two nozzle choices. We recommend the single-port nozzle which allows for the maximum air blast to dry hands fast. The SMARTdri also comes with a multi-port nozzle option yielding a softer air flow covering a wider range.

ProDryers has stocked the BluStorm hand dryer since 2011. The BluStorm is a favorite with our customers, but it fits a specific installation. We suggest the BluStorm as a perfect fit for office environments and restaurants or facilities with no vandalism. We even have the BluStorm installed in one of our restrooms at ProDryers and we love it. Keeping in mind, it is not a vandal-resistant product, it offers a high/low speed setting, and even on the high-speed setting, it operates a touch quieter than most high-speed models, yet it dries just as fast. The BluStorm also utilizes a blue light to guide hands to the most effective dry positon leaving less time for wasted electricity. Once hands are removed, the sensor triggers the dryer to shut-off. We keep about 50-100 BluStorms in stock at all times enabling us to provide the best prices with the fastest shipping possible. We even keep the BluStorm2 in stock which is a fully recessed unit that uses the same motor as the BluStorm. We stock it because it is one of our most unique designs and offers a solution to our customers that want a full recessed unit.

We also have the new iStorm2; the second iteration and improved version of the iStorm. The iStorm2 is a very unique concept offering an ergonomic design with a large circular opening where hands are placed to dry. The circular opening has three air outlets which push air backwards away from the user. The water is mostly absorbed by a ceramic plate (much like a coaster absorbs water from a glass with condensation), and the remaining water is captured by a drip tray at the bottom of the unit. The iStorm2 has HEPA and carbon filtration. It’s an alternative to the Dyson Airblade at a much cheaper price.

The BluStorm Bolt is the newest of the storm family. It’s a similar concept to the BluStorm with the blue light to guide hands, but it’s also ADA compliant with a thin design for wall-mount and it’s one of the smallest electric hand dryers that we carry.

The EcoStorm is our most affordable high-speed unit to date. It only comes with a 3 year warranty but it fits tight budgets and does a good job drying hands. The EcoStorm is made from 100% recyclable materials.

Saniflow is a very well-known and trusted manufacturer of commercial hand dryers in Spain. Their products are high-quality and quite innovative. They have not done a lot of advertising in the United States, so the demand of the brand is not even close to what it is in Europe. However, we stand behind this brand and have sold it for many years with a high success rate. Saniflow has several styles to choose from covering a full range of restroom specs.

The Dual flow Plus for example offers an alternative to the popular Dyson AirBlade. We have a demo unit here at ProDryers and the power behind the machine is quite impressive. It also utilizes a 3 Layer H13 HEPA filter with an optional odor neutralizing tablet to remove unpleasant odors and water containment system which collects water and prevents wet floors. This hands-in style unit is priced well below what the technology should be priced at offering our customers the opportunity to purchase a superior product at an affordable cost. This unit is on its second design iteration and has proven to be a reliable machine. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Saniflow Machflow is heating element free. Many manufacturers have no heat electric dryers and it has been proven that non-heated units dry just about as fast as heated ones, plus, the non-heated dryers are more energy efficient. The Machflow can blast air at speeds of over 200 MPH and it has universal voltage of 110-240 that will automatically adjust to almost any electrical line. It also has an adjustable motor which will allow the dryer to range from 68-75 decibels making it perfect for quiet environments or high-traffic restrooms where a high-speed dryer is needed.

Our most popular Saniflow restroom air dryer is the ADA compliant Speedflow. The Speedflow was one of the first surface mounted ADA compliant designs to hit the market. It comes with a 10 year warranty and also offers universal voltage of 110-240, has an adjustable motor to control sound and speed levels, and uses a heating element to warm the air before the air is used to dry hands.

Shop Our Full Range of Hand Dryers and narrow your search down by brand, style, type of material, and more.

Noise vs. Dry Time (Sound vs. Speed)

Should you go with a fast, powerful air blast or a lower velocity but quiet hand dryer? With today’s technology, many high-speed brands have hit the market. The market has become oversaturated with options and knock-off brands from overseas. The good news is, we only support top trusted manufacturers such as Excel Dryer, Dyson, World Dryer, and American Dryer to name a few. So finding a quality product is easy with ProDryers. Most high-speed units will dry hands in 10-15 seconds. They all do a fairly equal job drying hands fast. The Dyson Airblade (all current models) will move air at 420 MPH. As of date, that is technically the most powerful hand dryer motor invented. However, when doing a direct comparison on the USA made Xlerator, or the USA made ExtremeAir, the difference in dry time is not noticeable in many cases. When measuring dry time, keep in mind, each manufacturer performs its own study. There has not been any independent company to date that conducts a universal dry time test case. Thus, many variables come into play with each manufacturer’s claim. For example, the size of the hands, the position of the hands, and the amount of water that was present on the hands all have an impact on the performance of the product.

With that being said, every XLERATOR® we sell is factory installed with the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle. We have been selling mainly the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle since it was introduced because it reduces the noise by as much as 10 decibels while still drying hands fast in 10-15 seconds. An XLERATOR7reg; may also be ordered with a motor adjustment control which allows the power to be reduced making it quieter. We expect future XLERATOR® models to come equipped with the motor adjustment control. Honestly, it’s not a feature that most facilities will need. But the safeguard is there, should you need it.

American Dryer makes the ExtremeAir hand dryer which has a built in noise adjustment to reduce the power of the motor and soften the noise level. It will adjust anywhere from 69 decibels on the lowest setting to about the low to mid 80 dB range and anywhere in between. This gives the installer the ability to set the desired speed and sound level making it the perfect hand dryer for stadiums or even quiet office buildings.

The new Dyson Airblade is 50% quieter than the older Dyson hand dryer. Yet, it’s slightly faster at 420 MPH. We expect Dyson technology to continue to drive the hand dryer industry forward forcing the other manufacturers to continue with innovation.

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is often a confusing topic. We have designed an entire page on ADA compliance with hand dryers. Many of our units are ADA compliant as simple surface mounts today while some may require a recess kit or added ADA compliant wall guard. Keep in mind, ADA compliance is rarely required. However, ADA compliance is fast becoming a built-in feature.


A 5 year warranty is pretty standard in the industry. However, some brands have 10 year warranties like the World Dryer SlimDri.

Choosing a Voltage

Electric hand dryers can run on 110 volt, 115 volt, 120 volt, 208 volt, 220 volt, 240 volt and 277 volt. The popular XLERATOR® has evolved to two choices, the standard heated version at 110-120 or 208-277 ranges, and the eco or non-heated version at the same ranges. The older XLERATOR® used to run at 110-120 volt, 208 volt, 220-240 volt, and 277 volt. Now, the higher voltage has been combined into a single "smart" unit of 208-277. When ordering, one must know the electrical required by looking at a blue print of the building or consulting with an electrician. Most of the purchases are 110-120 volt, but being a master distributor and specialist, we carry the higher 208-277 units to run on 208, 220-240, and even 277 volt buildings.

Dyson has two options, the LV or low voltage 110-120 volt, and the HV or high voltage option of 208—240 volt. Most of our orders are the LV models, but we do carry some HV models in stock.

Some electric dryers have universal voltage and can auto-configure themselves to run on anything from 100-240 volt like the ExtremeAir and some World Dryer models. Call us for more information.


Germs in the restroom have become of more concern today as the hand dryers vs. paper towel debate wars continue on. However, we have sanitary dryers today that annihilate any chances paper towels have of being more hygienic. For example, the Dyson Airblade (all versions) and new World Dryer VERDEdri come equipped with HEPA filtration that will eliminate as much as 99.97% of all bacteria leaving pure, clean air to dry hands. Other brands come with HEPA options as well. And the ExtremeAir CPC uses cold plasma instead of HEPA filtration to literally kill 99.6% of all germs and bacteria.

Hand Dryers Reduce Costs

How do they reduce operational and maintenance costs? One of the most common reasons our customers convert away from paper towel is to stop vandalism such as toilets clogged with paper towels. Not only can you reduce or eliminate your paper towel cost, but you can reduce vandalism and maintenance costs associated with paper towels as well. And most businesses look much cleaner and healthier with less paper towel clutter overflowing in waste receptacles and scattered across the restroom floor. Learn more about Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels.

Why Choose ProDryers?

ProDryers is a small family-owned business with about 17 employees as of date. In 2014, ProDryers helped our parent company, Category Five Technologies, INC. make the INC 5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States with a 667% past annual sales growth rate. In 2014, Category Five Technologies, INC. handled over 9 million dollars in sales. By 2016, ProDryers helped our parent company, Category Five Technologies, INC. reach 12 million in annual sales. Today, we handle nearly 14 million in annual sales and have over 50,000 satisfied customers. Just read our reviews and see what others are saying. We have many specialty sites, but ProDryers was our first and still is extremely important to us. We value each and every customer and relationship we are privileged to make.

ProDryers is a true electric hand dryer expert. We stock in extremely high volumes to offer fast free shipping on top of unquestionable best pricing. We pass our savings onto our customers in hopes to acquire our customers for life. Call our customer service or sales staff any time Mon-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Ask to speak with an expert directly. We are always happy to answer questions; it’s what we do. Call us at 888-503-7937 (888-50-DRYER) or buy online now!

Read more about how ProDryers was started, read our about us page and read our customer reviews.

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