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To search and browse our vast selection of hand dryers, use the sub-category menus above to drill down to the exact brand or style you are looking for. Need quick help? Call our experts at 888-503-7937 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST.

ProDryers® has been a national leader in the hand dryer industry since 2004. With four warehouses and a variety of shipment centers located across the United States, we are able to ship most restroom hand dryers the same business day (when ordered by 2:00 PM Eastern Time). We stock all high-speed models with a wide variety of inventory. If you aren't sure where to start, consider the Excel Dryer XLERATOR. It's USA made, high speed, and is the most reliable product we sell. We also carry all other major brands such as the Dyson Airblade, World Dryer, and American Dryer to name a few.

Why Choose ProDryers®?

Please take the time to review us before you make a purchase decision. We thrive on customer satisfaction. Earning your trust is our top priority. A single commercial hand dryer sale is great, but that is not why we exist. We hope to become your supplier for all of your commercial restroom needs. We have an army of customer service and sales professionals waiting for your call. Just dial 888-503-7937 if you have any questions or concerns. Regarding hand dryers, we have one of the most knowledgeable and helpful teams in the world. Call now and let us help quickly. We always offer the best prices found anywhere. Sometimes we have products on sale that we cannot promote online to the public. Call now to find out what may be on sale.

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Shipping is Always Free to the Lower 48 States

Shipping is always on us! Don't pay for shipping ever again. In fact, if you need two day air, many of our top-selling hand dryers have an option on the product page to choose free 2 day air. For those customers that need the product quick, as a convenience, we can cover the 2 day air costs on items such as the XLERATOR, Dyson Airblade, ExtremeAir, and some other units. On specific products, we also have discounted next day air. As a true leader in the hand dryer industry, we have all bases covered.

Understanding the Differences of Various Hand Dryer Brands

We have made the process of shopping for an electric hand dryer as simple as possible. This page offers several different sub-categories to choose from. We have broken the shopping process down by style, by manufacturer, and by most popular choices based on over 10 years of historical purchases. We also take into consideration the reliability, energy efficiency, and warranty in order to make our best-selling list.

Cost Savings for Businesses

A lot of people are extremely surprised when we mention that some of our most energy-efficient hand air dryers cost as little as 18 cents in electricity per 1,000 uses. First, by installing commercial hand blowers in bathrooms, businesses can save up to 95% in comparison to paper towel. Second, vandalism is also greatly reduced, which means overall maintenance costs are cut. Third, the overall appearance of the public bathroom is improved. No more paper towel waste cluttered across the bathroom floors. Imagine you are at a restaurant and have the most amazing meal. After, you use the restroom which you find to be the most disgusting, unhygienic, paper towel cluttered restroom you have ever seen. Would you return to that restaurant? Would it make your meal less memorable? We talk about this scenario a lot. But it's very true. And to make matters more difficult, in regards to a business decision, many people actually still prefer paper towels. In this case, we have some very stylish, unique hand dryer designs such as our exclusive cover designs. And we would suggest to offer both a paper towel dispenser and a hand dryer. We carry a variety of covers that help guide users directly to the dryer and reduce paper towel usage. One great example is a unit we sold to a law-firm. They had the same exact problem explained above. We sold them the blue fusion cover for an Excel Dryer unit. The design was the perfect solution to naturally draw bathroom users away from the paper towel. In situations such as schools or rest areas where traffic in the restroom is heavier, paper towel dispensers are usually eliminated altogether. If you have any success stories on cost savings with our products, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email or call us. Thanks for choosing ProDryers. Rest assured, you have found one of the most reputable suppliers in the United States. We leave you with some of our reviews from our many thousands of satisfied customers.