Excel Dryer Current Hand Dryers Information and Resource Guide

This guide was exclusively put together for ProDryers®, by Excel Dryer (the manufacturer). This guide is for our customers and online shoppers to learn more about Excel Dryer's product line to help with the decision making process of purchasing. Feel free to call our sales team and customer support staff at 888-503-7937 for any questions or a bulk quantity price quote.

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About Excel Dryer:

Excel Dryer has been making the finest hand dryers for over 50 years. The XLERATOR® was the first high speed hand dryer in its class to hit the market. The creation of the patented XLERATOR® technology set the industry standard for the high speed hand drying category of today. Excel Dryer is the only manufacturer to build Made in USA Certified® hand dryers. Excel Dryer is family owned and operated out of Massachusetts.

The High-Speed Lineup:

The featured XLERATOR® currently offers two versions. The standard heated XLERATOR® and the newer XLERATOReco®. The eco version does not use a heating element and uses just 500 watts enabling even more energy and installation cost savings. Without the heating element, multiple XLERATOReco® units can be installed to one line. Larger facilities such as schools and production plants benefit from the overall cost savings.

Today’s XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® features built in sound and speed control and optional HEPA filtration along with a variety of cover choices including custom graphics.

The ThinAir® hand dryer offers high speed and ADA compliance without the need to recess. A simple, quick and easy surface mount install will provide ADA compliance. It dries hands in 14 seconds using just 950 watts while offering adjustable speed and sound with multi-voltage capabilities.

PCR Tested:

Xlerator Hand Dryer PCR Tested icon Excel Dryer is the first manufacturer to have its hand dryers PCR (Product Category Rule) tested. What is a Product Category Rule (PCR) and why is it important? A PCR establishes an internationally recognized set of rules, requirements and guidelines to test and report on a product's impact on the environment. That means that every product in a given industry is tested and evaluated in a clear, consistent way, allowing consumers to make better-informed decisions. This global PCR is the first-of-its-kind and encourages hand dryer manufacturers worldwide to evaluate the environmental impact of products with a common approach. That means less market confusion in this new age of transparency.

The PCR Results:

  • 8 second* dry time
  • 3.7 Wh* accumulated energy per use
  • 10 second* dry time
  • 1.7 Wh* accumulated energy per use
The ThinAir®
  • 14 second* dry time
  • 3.7 Wh* accumulated energy per use

The hand dryer market is filled with manufacturers making unsubstantiated claims. The global PCR enables all hand dryers to be evaluated by the same set of rules providing less market confusion.

XLERATOR® Case Studies:


Cost Savings - Carbon Footprint:

Converting from paper towels to XLERATOR® hand dryers represents a 95% cost savings! The XLERATOR® is a one-time purchase: once installed, it requires considerably less attention than paper towel dispensers, saving you money on labor and maintenance. In contrast to paper towels, which can cost $15-$30 or more per case, the energy costs of using a hand dryer amount to pennies per day. The average cost of paper towels is 2 cents per hand dry versus 1/10th of a cent using the XLERATOR!

Cost savings carbon footprint Chart for the Xlerator hand dryer

Cost Savings - Measuring Energy Usage:

Comparing the XLERATOR® to standard hand dryers, recycled paper towels, and virgin paper towels, the chart below visually illustrates the savings by kilojoules per use.

Energy Per Use Chart for the Xlerator hand dryer

Cost Savings - Cost Per 1,000 Hand Dries:

The XLERATOR® costs just $.50 (yes that's right, just 50 cents!) per 1,000 uses. At $23.00 per 1,000 uses with both virgin and recycled paper towel, you can get an idea of the massive cost savings that may be achieved.

Cost per 1,000 hand dries chart for the Xlerator hand dryer

Spec Sheets and Information Guides:

XLERATOR® AND XLERATOReco® Green Facts and Benefits
XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer Options and Accessories

* Dry time and energy use testing performed by SGS International on standard XLERATOR/XLERATOReco Hand Dryers with 0.8" nozzle/standard Thin Air Hand Dryers to 0.25g or less of residual moisture, pursuant to the UL Environment Global Product Category Rules (PCR) for Hand Dryers.