Clogged Toilets Stuffed with Paper Towels
How to stop toilet clogging from paper towels

How to Stop Clogged Toilets Stuffed with Paper Towels

Are you a business owner of a bar, grill, restaurant, or another type of business with a public restroom? Let’s face it; vandalism in the restroom is a very frustrating issue to confront. Nobody wants to unclog a toilet wedged and stuffed with paper towels. At ProDryers, we have the easiest solution. Our high speed, vandal resistant hand dryers will eliminate the need for paper towel while cutting your costs in paper and eliminate maintenance costs associated with unclogging toilets, refilling the paper towel dispensers, and emptying trash cans filled with damp, bacteria-rich paper towel clutter, which is more than likely spilled onto the floor creating an unsightly, unhygienic mess.

For tough areas such as bars, dance clubs, pubs, or anywhere that alcohol is served, we suggest a tough, durable, high speed hand dryer. Consider the USA made Xlerator hand dryer. This hand dryer is actually used in stadiums, zoos, venues, theme parks, rest areas, and anywhere requiring a machine to handle high traffic restroom use. It’s built tough and built to last. In fact, at ProDryers, we have sold hundreds per month for the past 5 or 6 years and less than 10 have ever required warranty repair. That is an amazing fact to consider with the quality of the Xlerator. It will last 7-10 years on average. It will, without doubt, pay for itself in paper towel cost savings and maintenance costs associated with vandalism. In situations where paper towels are used to clog toilets routinely, we suggest completely eliminating all paper towels from the restroom. The Xlerator will dry hands in 10-15 seconds flat and can handle the heaviest of restroom traffic.

Another great option is the American Dryer, USA Made ExtremeAir hand dryer . It is also built tough, but it’s 43% smaller than most other hand dryers making it perfect for restrooms with limited space. When it comes to the issues of clogged toilets, it is one of the most effective solutions because people love to use it; thus, reducing or eliminating the need for paper towel. Not all hand dryers are created equal! Some hand dryers will not get used as much as others due to lack of appeal. The ExtremeAir can reduce toilet clogging by as high as 100%. Many bars, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, schools, and more have switch out paper and moved to the USA made dryer to avoid vandalism in the restrooms. Consider this amazing product today as it is the perfect hand dryer for any restroom. It is equipped with an adjustable motor to control sound and speed for noise sensitive areas, it dries fast, it’s durable, it’s USA made, and it costs as little as 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate electrically. So go green, cut paper towel costs, reduce vandalism including toilet clogging, and create a more hygienic restroom today!